Tommy Chong: Legalize Marijuana To Boost U.S. Market'

Medical marijuana is legal in nearly 14 states in america and this is a result of the fact that doctors believe that marijuana has healing properties. Under the federal law, growing marijuana, using it or using it in your possession is a criminal violation and because of this, it's necessary that unless you have your doctor's recommendation to use it, you don't even think about developing this substance in your home.

Your grower help suit and can work you with a strain that alleviates your condition. Have insomnia? Then a heavy indica should knock you out.

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Illegal substances are being grown. Hash and hash oil is not mentioned in the act, yet it's being "manufactured" and increases the yield exponentially! 24 oz. Of hash = 7.5 pounds site here of marijuana. 24 oz of (the much easier smuggled) hash oil = 75 pounds of more tips here marijuana.

I would say that in states where recreational marijuana is legal this would be a legitimate opportunity. There is of course a great deal of investigating to be done on your part in regard to the legality of marketing this product. Without why not look here doing you homework do not by any means jump to this company. You will find a complete listing of countries and their legal standing on recreational marijuana at the website of recreational marijuana Inc..

KQED reports that a program is to strengthen enforcement of pot - a move that may signal seizure of land rented to cannabis club and other marijuana operations. If medical marijuana is lawful now, how can that be? Well, here's the rub - it's illegal under federal statute, although legal in California.

"Look at the situation we're in now. Sequesters. Cuts. Everything cut across the board. Now, the government is tapped into the biggest cash crop in the world," Chong said.

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